Belly Bands for Dog Housebreaking




Belly Bands Quickly and Easily End Housebreaking Accidents! 


 belly bands   belly band


 Belly Bands for male dogs and panties for female dogs stop wetting on carpet and furniture.

*  Great for difficult-to-housebreak dogs, incontinent dogs and females in heat.

*  Reminds your dog not to wet in the house; contains accidents; dog stays dry.

In-stock bands ship quick! 

* No uncomfortable elastic to irritate your boy dog's tender areas. Our wider bands offer full coverage.

We use the highest quality materials for the most comfortable, longest wearing belly bands available.

Adjusts in size with our New Velcro belly band fastening system. No exposed sticky Velcro.

* Very Gentle on hair and skin...even long coats.

* Uses inexpensive disposable pads from the grocery store--NO handling or washing urine soaked bands.

*  We have over 30 years of AKC dog show experience...we really know dogs.

* Our customers say our belly bands are the our reviews below.

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Order online or by phone 602-485-5490    Quality made in the USA.


Read What Our Customers Say:

We received our belly bands yesterday. We've tried numerous different types, but this is the first one that works perfectly as expected without making our dog uncomfortable. We were amazed at how well they fit, how well they absorbed, and how great they look on our dog. Thanks again!  Mackenzie


I just received my 2 new belly bands in the mail and I am so pleased! They are by far the best made I have ever had.  My pug has spent the last 30 minutes trying to roll and rub it off on the floor to no avail.... it's still on as good as when I put it on him. Thank you so much! He is going to be so happy to be able to be free in the house once more with no worries of marking! I will recommend you to all my friends!    Alanna


"I want to tell you that the belly band you the most comfortable for my dog and so well made. Before I had to chase him down to get one on him.  Now he comes to me when he sees it."  Sharon


"I just want to thank you soooo much for this wonderful product.  Our yorkie, who is 1 1/2 years old, all of a sudden just started marking his territory, and we didn't know what we were going to do.  

These have helped sooooo much."   A. Braxton