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American Tundra Shepherd Dog


AKC Height:

males: minimum height at the withers is 27" and average is 29" - 31." Females: minimum height 25."


The ATSD has a wide variety of colors, from Black & Tan and varieties to a more grizzled sable and/or (augoti) variations along with solid black & white.

Basic Requirements

American Tundra Shepherds require weekly to daily brushing (depending on if they are shedding) and monthly bathing. They can have seasonal heavy shedding. A securely fenced yard with plenty of room to exercise is needed. As with many breeds, early socialization is a must to develop good temperaments. Owners must be willing to take the time to work with and train their dogs.


American Tundra Shepherds are alert, extremely intelligent and strong willed. The ATSD is a keen observer of his surroundings. His memory retention is unsurpassed in the K-9 world. The ATSD is a tractable animal capable of learning numerous commands. First and foremost, the ATSD is a loving, loyal and devoted companion. The ATSD bonds extremely close to his family (pack) when raised from a puppy, and will become a member of your family. The ATSD has a standoffish personality toward unknown persons. This is marked by an openness and friendly demeanor toward his extended family. Totally confident in his own environment, the ATSD still possesses a high degree of self-preservation. The ATSD should be approachable by unknown persons when correct body language is used, accepting, of course, when the owner/master is present. The ATSD has shown capacity as companion, therapy, watchdog, guardian, search & rescue, herding, agility and other working functions. The ATSD has an excellent nose; his scenting abilities make him the perfect candidate for tracking and air-scenting. He is a ferocious hunter of varmints and even larger prey, yet this magnificent animal is somewhat reserved around strangers, not lending himself to indiscriminate friendships. You have to earn an ATSD's respect and trust. ~ Baswell

American Tundra Shepherd Dog Housebreaking

Housebreaking requires consistency on your part. Dogs are creatures of habit, and knowing the tips and tricks of training will make the process so much easier and less stressful. PUPPY HOUSEBREAKING tips: ADULT MARKING AND RETRAINING tips:


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Average lifespan is 13 years. Watch for Hip/Elbow Dysplasia, Bloat

Where to find puppies and adults

If you are looking for a puppy or adult dog, please read our important information on choosing a puppy from a breeder and adopting a dog from a rescue. There are good dog breeders and good dog rescues and there are bad dog breeders and bad dog rescues. Our information will help you to make an informed decision and will give you tips on what to look for and what to avoid.

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