Our Mission

Welcome to Dog-Breeds.net! Our mission is to educate dog owners so they can provide the best possible life-long homes for their pets. Dog owners who learn how to properly choose, raise and care for their dog, along with the tips and tricks that make dog care easier, have a more rewarding lifetime relationship with their dog.

Looking for small dog breeds that make great lap dogs? Want to know which medium dog breeds are great with kids, or which large dog breeds would enjoy a morning jog? Our pages have beautiful photos of each breed of dog along with breed-specific temperament, attribute, care and health information.

We’ll help to educate you about your favorite dog breeds, and share tips to make finding your new life-long new friend easier. We want dog owners to be educated about all aspects of various dog breeds, know what is required for each breed’s care, breed temperament, training and dog health. We’ll tell you what to look for when finding a dog breeder or adopting from a dog rescue. Our website has articles written by dog breed experts an dog housebreaking, grooming, obedience, feeding and nutrition and so much more!

For over 40 years, the Dog-Breeds.net team has been involved with dogs, publishing books, magazine articles and newspaper articles in this field. We LOVE dogs!