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Portuguese Podengo

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Portuguese Podengo: The Agile and Alert Hunter

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on the Portuguese Podengo, a breed distinguished by its versatility, intelligence, and spirited nature. This page explores the Portuguese Podengo, a breed that excels in agility and companionship, offering a blend of lively character and loyal temperament.

Introduction Originating from Portugal, the Portuguese Podengo comes in three sizes: small (Pequeno), medium (Medio), and large (Grande), each with a unique role in hunting and as a family companion. This breed is known for its keen hunting abilities, social nature, and adaptable personality.


  1. Podengo Pequenos (Small):
    • Height: Between 8 to 12 inches at the shoulder.
    • Weight: Typically 9 to 13 pounds
  2. Podengo Medios (Medium):
    • Height: Ranges from 16 to 22 inches at the shoulder.
    • Weight: Usually around 35 to 44 pounds
  3. Podengo Grandes (Large):
    • Height: Stands 22 to 28 inches tall.
    • Weight: Varies from 44 to 66 pounds

Colors: black, chestnut, fawn, gold, gray, orange, red, yellow, white with another acceptable color

Life Expectancy: 12-15 years

Group: Hound Group

Physical Characteristics

  • Size and Build: The Portuguese Podengo varies in size from 8 to 28 inches and weighs between 35 to 66 pounds depending on the variety. They exhibit a well-proportioned, sturdy build suitable for their hunting background.
  • Coat: The breed features either a smooth or wire-haired coat, which is seasonally shedding, requiring regular grooming to maintain its condition​.

Temperament and Personality

  • Lively and Playful: Portuguese Podengos are full of life, demonstrating playful and alert behavior, making them excellent companions for active households​
  • ​​Intelligence and Independence: This breed is highly intelligent but can exhibit independence, which might pose a challenge in training. However, they are generally amenable to training by experienced dog handlers​​. Sociable and Protective: Podengos are social animals, thriving on interaction with their family. They are loving with family members but may be suspicious of strangers, making them good watchdogs​.​​

Training and Exercise Needs

  • Training Needs: While intelligent, their independent streak can make training a challenge. Consistent, positive reinforcement methods work best, and training should start early.
  • Exercise Requirements: Given their energetic nature, Podengos require regular exercise to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. Activities like long walks, play sessions, and agility training are ideal.

Health and Longevity

  • General Health: Portuguese Podengos are a hardy breed, typically maintaining good health throughout their lives. They have a lifespan of up to 14 years​.
  • Healthcare Needs: Regular veterinary check-ups are important to monitor their health, along with routine vaccinations and preventive care.

Living with a Portuguese Podengo

  • Family Life: They are well-suited for families, demonstrating friendliness and affection towards children and other pets.
  • Adaptability: Podengos adapt well to various living environments. However, they thrive best in homes where they can have ample space to exercise.
  • Companionship: Forming strong bonds with their owners, Podengos enjoy being involved in daily family activities and are known for their loyalty.

Responsible Ownership

  • Choosing a Breeder: Prospective owners should select breeders who prioritize health, temperament, and adherence to breed standards.
  • Consider Adoption: Adopting from shelters or breed-specific rescues offers a chance to provide a loving home to a Podengo in need.

Conclusion The Portuguese Podengo, with its agility, intelligence, and affectionate nature, is an excellent breed for those seeking a lively and adaptable companion. Their varied sizes cater to different lifestyles, making them suitable for a wide range of homes.